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Welcome to Season 4 of The Room Podcast! We start off this brand new season with Kara Goldin, Co-Founder and CEO of Hint. Hint is known for its healthy fruit-infused flavored water that brands itself as a better alternative to sugar-laden sodas and artificially sweetened drinks. Hint Water in a variety of fun and fruity flavors is found at any local supermarket. Today, Hint has also expanded its product line to sun and body items, including sunscreen and deodorant. Kara’s newest book Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters is also available now for purchase.

In this week’s episode, Madison and Claudia chat with Kara on value-driven product development, building and growing a CPG brand, and accidental entrepreneurship by being undaunted. Let’s open the door.

Key Theme 1: Values-drive product development

Leaving her tech job at AOL after seven years, Kara had the feeling that she was going to build a business. The purpose and driver behind Hint came when Kara had a reckoning with soda after years of drinking Diet Coke. She realized that the sodas she was drinking were the culprit for unexplained weight gain. She realized that soda consumption was much worse than marketing claims but that plain water just wasn’t going to cut it from an enjoyment perspective. On a hunt for a better alternative, Kara went to her kitchen and started to add sliced fruit into her water for a bit of flavor. Purpose combined with her consumer perspective ultimately lead to the founding of Hint water.

Key Theme 2: Building and Growing a CPG brand

Coming off of a pandemic, Kara says that health and wellness is a significant trend among CPG brands as people globally want to be and stay healthy. Products like Hint, which are at the core of health and wellbeing, are here to stay. In the manufacturing process, Kara and her team also found a way to create an efficient and automated process that took the humans out of the production room. As a result, when the pandemic hit, Hint could easily bypass health inspections as they had already found the most healthy and safe way to produce their products.

Key Theme 3: Finding success by being undaunted

As described in her newest book Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters, Kara advises that the most growth happens during those challenging moments where you and others may have doubts. All of the best founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs had to tackle something they were afraid of. The more opportunities you put yourself into positions where you aren’t the smartest or wisest, the more you will get used to tackling these doubts.

Thank you so much for joining us on another season and episode of The Room Podcast! We will be back next week with another episode on Tuesday, Aug. 24 at 7AM PST.




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The Room Podcast

The Room Podcast

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